— Press Release —

New Spring Water Gushes Forth Exclusively at Whole Foods Market

COUNCIL, ID (June 10, 2015) — Starkey Spring Water announced today that it is rolling out its bottled water brand in all of Whole Foods Market’s U.S. stores beginning June 17th, 2015.

“I have worked in the bottled water industry since 1993, and I can tell you that Starkey Springs is truly special,” said Guenter de Vincent, Starkey Springs Quality Assurance? Manager. “It’s naturally healthy with beneficial minerals, a gently alkaline pH, and has a silky smooth taste like none other and we’re excited to share it with people across the across the country.”

Starkey Spring Water is pure, single-source water from a protected geothermal spring in the Idaho Mountains. The spring rises from more than two miles deep in the earth, through fractures and fissures in the Imnaha Basalt, a volcanic rock formation where the water’s purity has been protected for more than 11,000 years.

Starkey Spring Water began initial production in 2014 and has been available in limited release to a number of Whole Foods Market Stores since then. This successful trial and completion of state-by-state licensing has led to exclusive distribution across all Whole Foods Market Stores in the United States. Starkey Spring Water will initially be available in liter and half-liter glass bottles.

While Mother Nature makes this special water, bringing it to the surface in a ponderosa pine forest not far from the Weiser River, the Starkey Spring Water team bottles it for distribution in Council, Idaho. The company now employs 16 people in the small town of 805, bringing a much-needed economic boost to this region of the rural West.

The springs itself has a long history. Native Americans first enjoyed it centuries ago, and in the 1800s, settlers sought out its mineral-rich, healing waters on horseback from neighboring counties or by railcar from hundreds of miles away. The springs bear the name of Dr. Richard S. Starkey, M.D., who set about turning it into a “true health and pleasure resort” in the early 1900s. It has been under private ownership since that time.

More information about Starkey Spring Water can be found on its website at starkeywater.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/starkeywater.